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QuickStart Guide for those new to the Installer

Project Description
This is a professional installer for your XNA-based games, written in WiX, Microsoft's Open Source toolkit for creating msi packages. It checks for .NET and automatically deploys the XNA Framework if needed, getting rid of the dependency problem once and for all. Source included!

The installer template has been created using SharpDevelop 3.2 which already includes the WiX toolkit and is able to compile the template without any additional configuration work. You can also compile the sources by hand, but SharpDevelop is recommended for its simplicity.

It will check the target system for a shader capable graphics card and display a warning if none is found. If the user is missing the Microsoft .NET Framework (4.0 or 4.0 Client Profile, you decide), a friendly notice will be displayed, asking the user to download the .NET Framework before installing your application.

shader-warning.png dotnet-framework-required.png

The presence of the DirectX 9.0c runtime files needed by XNA 4.0 is checked as well as the XNA Framework 4.0 itself. If any of those two don't exist in the target system, the installer will, depending on its configuration, either require the user to install them or automatically install them.

Includes binaries of the WiX custom action DLLs used by the template for checking availability of the .NET Framework 4.0 or 4.0 Client Profile, installing the DirectX 9.0c version required for XNA 4.0 and of course the XNA Framework 4.0 redistributable.


The installer's overhead can be as little as 460 KB (without XNA Framework integrated) or 6.0 MB (including the XNA Framework 4.0) - less than the XNA Framework 4.0 redistributable alone - due to some clever compression tricks.

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