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Wix-XNA and PhysX

Jan 18, 2010 at 1:03 AM


This looks like it could be quite the useful tool.  As a quick question: is there any documentation on the Nuclex.Setup.Detector DLL?  I'd like to use this to create an installer for a PhysX-dependent project I'm working on, and I can see from the .xml file that the DLL has a "MsiCheckPhysx" method - what are the input/outputs to use this?  (From a quick peek at the DLL's source, it looks like the answer is "Check_PhysX_1" as the input property, "Is_PhysX_1_Installed" is the output property, and this will be 1 for any version of PhysX at all - do I have that correct?)

Also - are the sources for the Nuclex.Setup.Detector and related DLLs also released under the Ms-PL?  I ask in case I end up wanting to change that functionality.


Thanks in advance!



Jan 20, 2010 at 8:45 AM


The sources themselves are heavily documented, but apart from that, I haven't written any external documentation.

You're getting it right - at the moment, it can only detect whether PhysX is installed at all. To actually use this, you'd want to add some methods to check for a specific version, of course. I'm not using PhysX in my own games, so I didn't  add much more than this stub ;-)

Finally, yes, all of the sources are released under the Ms-PL, including those for the Custom Action DLLs!